Lit Within is made with a sense of self expression, where each collection of Lit Within will come from a collaboration with someone who has inspired and motivated Amber. Her purpose with this is to showcase that we can all celebrate our own individuality and uniqueness with the world in a way that can touch the lives of others. The collections will be offered in a limited amount and will all have a special touch and message to each of them. Our intentions are to make each collection different and meaningful in their own way allowing you to live and be inspired for greatness.

Sports Bra & Legging

Welcome to the beginning of the future of Lit Within. As one of our first collections, we made sure the initial line would be something you couldn't do without. Combining comfort, style and functionality, these are sure to become your favorite everyday pieces. Lit Within is truly an athleisure brand made to make to feel comfortable, secure and confident in your workouts or on a casual day out.