About This Collection

The first collection of Lit Within was originally made with the intentions of sending a positive and inspiring message to all women; however, the universe works in ways we don't always understand, and in this case Amber suddenly lost her grandmother, and she knew the line had to be in her honor.

The LK Collection is in honor of a beautiful woman, my grandmother, Loie Kay. She was a wonderful lady, who lived a life full of laughter, love, beauty and ease. She would make the family laugh our butts off (on many occasions). She loved hard and taught her family what love was. She was a beautiful woman inside and out, never judging anyone or complaining about anything. She was the perfect example of kindness and finding greatness in everything around you. I truly hope that thru this collection you are inspired to live more like she did and make the world a better place, by being kind, inspiring others and being grateful for all that you have.