Our Story

Lit Within was designed by a woman with a passion for inspiring and motivating other women. Thru her own challenges, insecurities and heartache, the designer and CEO learned that to really love yourself means you have to dig deeper then what the body portrays and take care of YOU thru your heart, mind, and soul.

The Mission - To inspire and motivate women to honor their bodies and care for themselves from a deeper perspective. We understand that this can be challenging in today's society, but if we honor ourselves thru self love, positive affirmations, meditation, healthy eating and exercise while inspiring others to do the same, then the women of the world will be stronger, healthier and fierce. They will be Ignited with Purpose.

The Brand - Lit Within is made with a sense of self expression, where each collection of Lit Within will come from a collaboration with someone who has inspired and motivated the CEO. Her purpose of this is to showcase that we can all celebrate our own individuality and uniqueness with the world in a way that can touch the lives of others. The collections will be offered in a limited amount and will all have a special touch and message to each of them. Our intentions are to make each collection different and meaningful in their own way. Allowing you to live and be inspired for greatness.